I'm Olivia. I work as a guide in the city of Rio de Janeiro. I am registered at the Ministry of Tourism. Working in this role for at least 14 years. I am fluent in Portuguese, English and Spanish. I consider myself an expert guide of this amazing city. I am privileged to be working exactly as I like. I am communicative and I'm ALWAYS excited and ready to assist you in whatever it takes. The reason I chose this profession is that you can meet people and also have the pleasure of, perhaps, being the first to introduce this beautiful city to tourists. Making new friends is my priority. I am extremely responsible. The tourists usually close the day considering me a longtime friend. I can prove it to you!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Favela Tour in Vidigal!!

My dear visitors / friends and the feeling of reaching the top of the favela on the back of a mototaxi: How was that for you, Mary??

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